I have been with the company for more than 10 years and was initially employed as the receptionist.
I have grown within the company and now in the position of what is known as “General Manager” although that title is used loosely.

At Bass Beams I am part of the team.  Together we work at making our office run smoothly and producing a quality / superior product.  Due to a small management team we are able to assist and work closely together.  The Bass Beams team is a unique family that has worked together for many years.

For me this is a legacy, working closely with my Step Father is and always has been an honour, its thanks to all his training and guidance that I am where I am today.  My goal and passion is to grow our business to an empowering empire to which all can be proud of.

Offering a service that is worth mentioning, products that set the standard to many other companies within the construction field and a company that is known for uplifting their staff.