Manufacture, Deliver & Installation of Pre-Stressed Self-Supporting Suspended Concrete Floor Slabs and Strucutral Lintels


The Unique design of the BassBeam Single Tee Slab, in combination with the use of PreStressed Reinforcing, alows us to span up to 12.5m without any propping


The concrete topping laid on of our beams does not need to cure for the full 28 days. Construction can continue within 24-48 hours as soon as the intial set is complete


Prestressed re-infocing is cast into our beams. Rebar such as Y10 or Y12 is not required. Only mesh ref100 or ref193 is needed to prevent cracking in the topping


A Structural Lintel which can span openings of up to 8m, brickwork can be done over these giant lintels

single t-beam

Bass Beams Flat Ceiling Slab Beams are pre-stressed, reinforced beams which form a flat ceiling composite


Bass Beams Flat Ceiling Slab Beams are pre-stressed, reinforced beams which form a flat ceiling composite

stair treads

PreCast Stair Treads are an affordible alternative to casting staircases. In combination with a stringer beams or built into the brickwork

The BassBeams Family

Making Sure you get a quality solution that is quicker, cleaner and will save you money when compared to traditional solutions such as rib and block, hollow core, waffles slab and conventional cast in situ concrete slabs

Lara Menne


Our Minister of Finance, joining BassBeams at the age of 18 in 2002, she worked side-by side with the previous owner grew with the business until purchasing BassBeams in 2020.

Verdan Menne

Sales Director

The Money Spinner, the Deal Maker.

Jaeson Maluleke

Operations Manager

Our go-to guy, no task is too big or small for this guy. Keeping the equipment running and ensuring installations are completed in record time is his speciality.

Dion Faulds

Technical Manager

Our technical guru and all round friendly guy. This is the guy that'll answer all your questions and hold your hand through the wole process.

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