The Bass Beams flat concrete slab is an affordable slab which is most suited to new construction and building projects. The flat slab provides an efficient and cost effective alternative to conventional slabs cast in situ, block and lintel, rib and block and hollow core.

Each flat concrete slab is pre-cast to specific sizes at our factory with high quality pre-stressed steel so there is no waistage. Installation

Unlike conventional slabs such as cast in situ, block and lintel, rib and block and hollow core, the Bass Beams Flat Concrete Slab does not require any form work shuttering why applying the concrete floor topping and minimal propping is required, only needing to be propped once at the midspan for spans between 3 and 6 metres

The Bass Beams Type 1045 and 1055 are prestressed beams with a Flat Ceiling composite concrete slab. The soffit can either be painted or skimmed to provide a smooth flat ceiling.  The beams are economically and efficiently crane erected on either brickwork or steel and are used as a permanent shutter.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • High quality – SABS standards
  • Factory manufactured
  • Convenient
  • Quick & dry erection / installation
  • No Shuttering
  • Flat Soffit
  • Paint or a light skim with Rhinolite if needed at joint


  • Unsupported spans of up to 6m
  • Domestic, commercial & industrial loading capacity
  • Mezzanine floors erected into existing factories or warehouses
  • Slabs of up to 300m2 erected in a single day
  • Additional floor space improves and enhances the property value
  • Adaptable to meet Engineers requirements

Erection of  Bass Beams Flat Ceiling Slab

  • A minimum bearing of 100m is rerequired unless otherwise specified by the Engineer
  • A minimum screed of 70mm at 30 Mpa is required unless otherwise specified by Engineer
  • Reinforcing BRC mesh.
  • Propped once at the mid span
  • Electrical conducting can be laid on top of the Flat Ceiling Slab and covered with the required screed.
  • Prop to be removed once the required topping has reached the correct Mpa strength.
  • The amount of insitu concrete and additional reinforcing is dependent on the load requirements, but will be less than that of a conventional slab, due to the inherent strengths of the prestressed Bass Beams.
  • A minimum of 0.15% of the final cross section must however always be provided to comply with the minimum requirements of the design codes.

An Engineering design of the composite slab is very versatile and additional reinforcing can be placed on the erected beams to cater for specific loads and the depth of the insitu concrete can be varied to meet different loading or span requirements. 

The increasing demand for housing and insufficient land to accommodate the demand required, determine the need for a suspended slab system. With the Flat Slab by Bass Beams one meets the various requirements, for example: Flat Soffit, accommodation in the minimum space, fast and efficient installation, therefore time-saving as well. 

The demand for housing ensures that concrete slabs will continue to be in demand for years to come, particularly in the growth of township / suburban areas and the trend towards duplexes and affordable housing.